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Strength Check

The GM might call for a Strength check when you try to:

  • tip over a statue

  • push through a tunnel that is too small

  • keep a boulder from rolling (79)

Athletics skill. This skill reflects aptitude in certain kinds of Strength checks. Your Strength (Athletics) check covers difficult situations you encounter while:

Successful Strength check: d20¹ + Strength ability modifier² + proficiency bonus³ + other bonus or penalty  ≥   DC of task*

¹ See advantage or disadvantage. Go here for reasons why either may apply.

²  See Variant: Skills with Different Abilities.

³ Add your proficiency bonus if you are proficient in the Strength skill. Otherwise, roll without it.   

*Contest. Sometimes an individual's efforts are directly opposed to another’s. The outcome is determined by a special form of ability check called a contest. (77)

Working Together. Sometimes two or more characters team up to attempt a task. See Working Together.

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