Cast a Spell

Casting Time. Each spell has a casting time, which specifies whether the caster must use an action, a bonus action, a reaction, minutes, or even hours to cast the spell. These various types of actions are not interchangeable. Certain spells also have the option to be cast as a ritual.

Other Requirements. To cast a spell:

  • You must have a spell slot available, if you use spell slots and its expenditure is required. See the special rule for cantrips.

Attack Roll. Some spells require an attack roll by the caster, and some a saving throw by the target. In both situations your spellcasting ability modifier is used.

Some creatures have immunity, resistance, or vulnerability to certain types of damage, or immunity to certain conditions. 

The duration of spells varies. Some spells require you to maintain your concentration to keep the spell's magic active for its duration.