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Saving Throw


A saving throw represents an attempt to resist a spell, a trap, a poison, a disease, or a similar risk of harm. (83) You have success when: 

Saving Throw    DC for Situation

Saving Throw

1. Roll a d20. If you have advantage or disadvantage, roll 2d20 and use the appropriate result. Go here to see reasons why either may apply. 

2. Add your ability modifier. The cause of the saving throw determines which ability applies.

3. Add your proficiency bonus if you are proficient in the saving throw. 

4. Add any other applicable modifier.

Difficulty Class


A saving throw's DC is determined by the effect that causes it:

If no DC is provided, use the DC table for guidance. 

The result of a successful or failed saving throw is detailed in the effect that allows the save. Usually, a successful save means that a creature suffers no harm, or reduced harm, from an effect.

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