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Ranged Attack

Make this attack against a target within range, using ranged weapona melee weapon with the thrown property, an improvised weapon, or a special material such as acid, alchemist's fire, or oil.

A target next to you is more difficult to hit. Walls, trees, and other obstacles can provide cover to a target.

Make an attack roll to see if you hit your target.

Ammunition. Most ranged weapons have the ammunition property and require a container. Pick up spent ammunition. Crossbows and blowguns have the loading property.​ See rules on using a + 1 bow and/or +1 arrow and using poison on ammunition.

Alternative actions. Use the Help action to assist an ally attack a foe or use the Ready action to strategically delay your ranged attack.

Multiple attacks. The Extra Attack feature of certain classes allows you to make more than one ranged attack with the Attack action. (93) There are other ways to make multiple attacks.

Tactics to consider during a ranged attack:

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