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Melee Attack

A melee attack is hand-to-hand fighting someone within your reach. (95) (See the optional facing rule at DMG 252.) It typically uses a handheld weapon (a sword, etc.) but can also use an improvised weapon or an unarmed strike.

You make an attack roll to see if you hit your foe.

You have the option to knock out a foe. Or instead of inflicting damage you could:

  • grapple or shove a foe

  • use the Overrun action (DMG 272)

  • use the Help action to assist an ally attack a foe

  • use the Disarm action (DMG 271)

Use the Ready action to strategically delay your Attack action. ​​​

More than one attack. The Extra Attack feature of the fighter allows you to make more than one attack with the Attack action. (93) There are other ways to make multiple attacks.

Tactics to consider during a melee attack:

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