Melee Attack. Hand-to-hand combat.

  • You can attack a foe who is within reach

  • With the optional facing rule, you can attack only creatures in your front or side areas. 

Tactics to consider during attack:

  • With an ally flank an enemy. 

  • Attack an enemy from behind (if the optional facing rule is used).

  • Help a nearby ally attack a foe. 

  • Disarm action (DMG p. 271).

  • Overrun action (DMG p. 272).

  • Tumble action (DMG p. 272).

If you are in trouble consider:

  • Disengage action (move without provoking opportunity attacks). 

  • Dodge action (focus on defense).

  • Dash action (gain extra movement to get far away, assuming you can survive any opportunity attack).​